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RCDCEP Epi Otic Ear Cleaner For Dogs & Cats

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Salicylic acid 1.1 mg/ml
Lactic acid 25 mg/ml
Key Benefits
Gentle solution for cleaning and treating earwax, debris and discharge without causing any irritation.
Has soothing effect on ear tissues and mucous membranes of the ear drums.
Creates hostile environment for bacterial growth and provides tissue regeneration.
Prevents ear diseases and problems including Otitis Externa.
Removes dead ear tissues and keeps the ears moisturized and dry.
Reduces the common problems of itching and scratching ears in canines and felines.

Direction of use
Open the cap of the bottle. Invert it to place the tip on the ear canal. Squeeze out the solution.
Gently apply the solution in the ear. Massage the outside of the ear so that the earwax gets easily dissolved.
Allow the pet to shake head and wipe away the dirt coming out of the pet’s ears.
Consult a veterinarian if you suspect painful ears.