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5 mistaken ideas of feeding pet snacks to pets

Raising a pet is like raising a child. It is necessary to prepare some pet snacks for him. For example, when training a pet, rewarding a dog with pet snacks after he's done the right thing will do twice as much with half the effort.

1, take pet snacks as staple food.

Living with pets, I always want to eat some pet snacks (Dian Xin) for them. But the main function of pet snacks is not to provide nutrition to dogs. Once the frequency of eating pet snacks increases, there is a risk of falling into the "only eat pet snacks do not eat staple food". If you give pets pet snacks without restraint, it will make dogs happy, but the consequences of such behavior are beyond your imagination.

2. Pet snacks has no choice.

For example, some dogs are younger or younger, not suitable for eating larger or harder pet snacks; if it is mainly dog training, then it is best to meat silk (more economical, etc.); if it is the main purpose of molar teeth, it is best to meat twisted bite glue or particle stick-based pet snacks.

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3, the purpose of using pet snacks and main grain is confused.

The main purpose of pet snacks is to increase the pleasure of pets so that the owners can enjoy happiness at the same time, and the staple food is mainly to ensure the health of pets. Pet snacks can not be used as a main grain feed, nor should the main grain be given to pet snacks.

4, bite gum when pet snacks eat

Dog bite glue is the main raw material is cortex, the main role is bite resistance, it is best not to make it eat into the stomach, especially small dogs should be careful not to eat, otherwise there will be life-threatening.

5. Eat pet snacks to your pet.

Ice cream, cake, these desserts touch less is wonderful, on the one hand, easy to decay, upset stomach, on the other hand, easy to get fat. Chocolate is a poison for dogs.