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All the pet supplies for beginners are here.

Pet play can be a simple, stylish and sterile dining experience for your precious dog.This high quality bowl is made of sturdy stainless steel and reliefs with lovely bones and paw prints.A wide base and rubber seal can prevent slipping or tilting while eating, keeping the floor clean and tidy.These functional bowls are available in five sizes to meet the needs of most dogs, and the size of the cups reflects the true capacity of each bowl.Stainless steel material sanitary, rustproof, easy to wash - recommended to use hand wash.You can do pet products wholesale.

Pet Smart

A gentle dog showered with 500ML of teddy golden retriever bathing shampoo to stop itchy pet dog supplies.

Do not contain chemical fungicides, plant disinfection high-grade care products, the introduction of the German chamomile commonly used medicinal plants, adopt unique process to get pure care ingredients, mild character, antibacterial effect is strong, strong toxicity, including plant celery yuan sterilization factor, has good anti-inflammatory, irritating.Anti-bacterial, soothing, hair care, relieving itching function, have lasting fragrance and deodorization function, the whole family is very comfortable and sensitive resistance formula, pH balance, the soap ingredients, nourishing hair care ingredients, even sensitive skin type or pet owners hand, also can be guaranteed.This product is essentially purple lavender and chamomile essence, and it has the natural repellent effect caused by chemical pesticides, and it is not dry. It can effectively remove the parasites of dog and cat.

 pet products wholesale

Pet shampoo

Pet beds

This bed is built for comfort and your dog will definitely love it.The pillow bed provides the best support and has a sleeping area that gives your dog the rest and relaxation he needs and deserves. 

Dog Bed Cheap As Chips

The pet food

For pet skin and kidney function and reproduction, moderate fat has a very important role. pet products wholesale

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