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The share of pet snacks increased by 10 percentage points.

In the pet food industry, pet food (dry food & wet food) accounts for more than 50 percent of the market, according to a 2017 white paper on China's pet industry.But in recent years, pet food market share has declined slowly, while the market share of pet snacks has soared, rising from around 10% to nearly 20%.

Industry insiders say that the surge in snack consumption is behind the change in the way people keep pets and ideas.At the same time, many Chinese pet food brands have achieved rapid growth in the snack market.

Fast food consumption for pets.

pet snacks

There is a pet owner who has a pet dog, who takes teddy twice a day for the summer, walks twice in the winter, and carries a small snack with him every time.At the same time, when you train little teddy at home, you will also treat snacks as a reward.

"Every month, you spend about 100 yuan per month on snacks," kobayashi said. "add nutrients, grind your teeth, and get rid of bad breath."

A clearer before people think buy bags of pet food is enough, but now people's consumption concept also in gear upgrades, usually go out to walk, or at home the pup, rich nutrition and pet food has become the choice of many people.This is an important reason for the growth of snack consumption.