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The shovel officer took the cat toy and played with the cat. The result was despised by the big cat.

Anyway, people with cats are always enviable. Of course, if there are many cats, whether it is happy or hard, it is hard to say.
The most time-saving is to use a cat toy to make fun of a cat, after all, you can make a lot of kittens at once.

Rubber Tire Roll Cat Toys

Rubber Tire Roll Cat Toys

True to its name, this toy is remarkably tough and ultra-light. It is durable enough for powerful chewers but big fun for any dog. Lightweight construction and an erratic bounce make for exciting games of fetch.
Remarkable durable for powerful chewers
Lightweight and erratic bounce for exciting games of fetch
Squeaks for added fun

Cat Easer Toy

Cat Easer Toy

Cat Toy is an interactive 20 inch long wand cat teaser that features a crinkly, catnip- filled, soft plush creature with feathers on a dangling 20 inch string. Wonderful are a great way to bond with your cat and promises to offer hours of entertainment.

And the big cats have nothing to do with it. When they see the masters taking out the funny cats, the big cats who have played more have actually put on a look of contempt... The shovel is bitter in the heart.