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What are the dog's teeth?

The puppy starts teething in two or three months, and there is an uncomfortable feeling that the dog will grind its teeth in order to relieve the discomfort.In fact, a puppy's teeth are like a child's teeth when they bite, mainly to relieve the discomfort in the mouth.This can be used to prepare some grinding supplies for the puppies, which can meet their growing needs and avoid the damage caused by the dog's messy eating of furniture.There are several main types of dog grinding products.The following is an introduction by shijiazhuang peng niu pet care co., LTD.

1. Simple grinding toys.

Pet toys

There are a variety of vocals and nibblers, which can be used to relax the dog, and other toys made of bone.These toys are not edible and can be used by dogs to kill boredom.

2. It is mainly used for grinding teeth and teeth.

Grinding rod

Common is dog chew bones, strengthen strong teeth, clean tone, this type of grinding rods for dog eating snacks molar teeth every day, simple and convenient, already let the dog by the joy of food, and solve the problem of the oral cavity clean easily.Let the dog have stronger, healthier teeth and a fresh breath.

3. Snack mainly, grinding teeth and cleaning teeth.

Snack mainly, grinding teeth and cleaning teeth.

This kind of grinding stick is a snack for dogs to regulate appetite and deodorize, which can be used as a daily reward.This bone-laden snack, which is both hard and tasty, will try to bite the meat off and break the bone.

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