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What do you use to bathe love pet?

 Pets cannot use the shampoo used by the owner.
This is not good for pets' skin and hair.
Of course, for pets, the pure natural Pet Shampoo must be stronger than the chemical composition.
This is a very important ingredient in Pet Shampoo!
Neither senior male shampoo pets can be used. First of all, human and cat, dog skin pH is different. Human shampoos are only suitable for human's weakly acidic skin and are not suitable for pets' neutral skin. The long-term use of human pet shampoo will cause skin acid-base imbalance, loss of cortical nutrition, as well as decreased skin resistance, resulting in bacteria, parasites and other factors, causing all kinds of skin diseases. Secondly, pets do not have sweat glands. The glands in the skin under their skin produce a secretion. This secretion can not only increase the luster of hair, but also play a role in waterproofing. Frequent use of human shampoos can cause the loss of the secretions, resulting in increased pet dander, dry hair, and hair loss.
If you are a responsible, pet-aware parent, you should use pet-only Pet Shampoo
It is advisable for the dog to wash once in 7-10 days, and the cat itself has the ability to self-cleanse. Generally, it is sufficient to wash once in 2-6 months.

Shampoo For Dog

Shampoo For Dog

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