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What is the effect of Pigeon vitamins?
What is the effect of Pigeon vitamins?

A few days ago, a very good fancier gave me some homemade vitamin nutrition pills. He said that pigeons should often supplement Pigeon vitamins in order to be healthy. I did not agree with him and he did this with him. Simple communication. I think there must be a lot of people who share the same ideas with him. Here I also talk about my opinion:

Pigeon vitamins

Vitamins are indispensable for the metabolism of pigeons. Pigeons can synthesize certain vitamins, but only relying on the synthesis of the body can not meet the needs of the pigeons, but also need some external supplements. The amount of multivitamins is enough to meet the daily needs of pigeons for vitamins. Too much vitamin supplementation will reduce the efficiency of Pigeon vitamin synthesis by the pigeons themselves, because it is the constant and balance that the organism itself needs to maintain. The
If properly managed, the equipment and sheds are perfect, with a balanced diet, and the hygiene and epidemic prevention work is done in some detail. Pigeons do not generally lack vitamins. It is only necessary to replenish the required vitamins in dark, damp, lofty breeding lofts, when the entire group of pigeons is affected by disease, or when the pigeons have special Pigeon vitamins requirements at specific times. What is the efficacy of various vitamins? The
1. Vitamin A Its function is to promote the growth of pigeons, enhance vision, and improve the function of mucous membranes. Especially in the breeder breeding season or young bird growth period are indispensable. If the pigeon body is lacking, it will suffer from night blindness, keratinization of the epidermis, respirator, genitals, digestive organs, and eyes, etc., which can cause diseases. The spawning rate and hatching rate are low and can be fed with cod liver oil capsules or emulsions.