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best dry cat food 2017

If you are looking for best dry cat food 2017,you can choose Shijiazhuang roc cattle import and export trading co., ltd.Our cat food is nutritious. If you want to add nutrition to the cat, you can choose our products.

best dry cat food 2017

What kind of food should cats should be chosen for cats?

It is best to follow the doctor's advice, with a pet-specific, because the animal and human calcium and phosphorus ratio is very different, if the long-term use of calcium supplements, may lead to rapid increase in the concentration of phosphorus in the cat body, The Now a lot of friends who love cats, for fear that their cat is not enough nutrition, all day with calcium or high calcium foods to feed the cat. In fact, the nutritional absorption of the cat and the dog is not the same, they only need to have normal and quality food, or a good cat food, it has been able to provide adequate calcium and balanced nutrition. On the contrary, too much calcium but the cat's body will cause problems, such as skeletal development problems, and even lead to cat's bladder stones or other urinary system diseases and other issues.

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