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dog carriers for sale

Shijiazhuang roc cattle import and export trading co., ltd has high quality dog carriers for sale.Our company has a wealth of production experience, our products are trustworthy.

dog carriers for sale

This section includes: 1. Observation hole, 2. Ventilation holes, 3. Stretch layer, 4. Stretch layer zipper, 5. Zipper.
The method is to use pet bags made of hard materials. Telescopic layer of soft material, the front of the pet bag is equipped with hemispherical observation hole. Breathable on both sides, the back with a retractable zipper. When the retractable layer zippers opened retractable layer opened, retractable zipper closed retractable layer collapsed, while the back also has two straps to facilitate back in the shoulder. In this way when loading pets of different sizes, the retractable layer can be opened or stowed as needed. This pet bag can make the pet feel comfortable, let the pet sleep in it will not feel boring. You can also look outside through the observation hole.

If you are interested in our pet bag capsule, please contact us. We have been looking forward to working with you!