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pet food manufacturers china

Shijiazhuang roc cattle import and export trading co., ltd is one of the professional pet food manufacturers china.We have many years of production experience, we not only produce pet food, we also provide many others,such as best sellers dog vitamins china. You can pay more attention to our official website.

pet food manufacturers china

Dog food for the day, good quality pet staple not only bring adequate nutrition to pets, but also improve the immunity of pets. Inadequate quality of pet staple food stored in a large number of harmful bacteria, in order to play the role of antimicrobial growth, adding a large number of antibiotics to suppress long-term consumption, there are serious negative effects. There are even businessmen doing tricks on pet staples. For example, the staple food of a pet packaged in bulk and sold in bulk may be put into a genuine packaging bag by individual merchants for profit. So there are rare friends kind of dog, in order to dog health, at the time of purchase, it is best to choose the regular place to buy.

We are professional and provide safe food for your pet. Welcome to contact us.Email: