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pet food manufacturers in China

Shijiazhuang roc cattle import and export trading co., ltd is one of the professional pet food manufacturers in China.Our products have been manually tested, the product quality is trustworthy. And we have many years of production experience, our company is trustworthy.

pet food manufacturers in China

Most people think that puppies drink milk is conducive to the healthy growth of puppies, often brought to the new puppy kindly fed some milk. But I do not know puppies should not drink milk, drink most of the milk will have diarrhea, and even gastrointestinal mucositis. Because the composition of dog milk and milk is completely different. Canine milk contains high protein, high fat and low lactose, while the milk contains low protein, low fat and high lactose, the two components of the opposite. If milk is used as a puppies feed, drink too much, their stomach does not have enough lactase to digest excess lactose, it will cause diarrhea. Dog to 6 months after drinking milk, generally not diarrhea.

So we need to choose the appropriate food for the dog's age.If you want to find a company where can wholesale best dog food for small dogs,please contact us. We look forward to working with you!