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Puppy Dog Chew Toys

A perfect way to keep active chewers busy, the Rope Dog Toy has a sturdy, robust design. Chewing on tough materials helps to maintain your pet’s dental health and also keeps gums clean and strong. This toy is made from tough cotton rope that is simply tied in a large, sturdy knot. This heavy knot forms a large ball-like structure that offers a firm grip and the unique rope texture is sure to delight your pet. A loop attached on the heavy ball allows you to play games like fetch, toss or tug with your pet and add more fun and excitement to playtime.
Keep active chewers busy
Helps to maintain your pet’s dental health
Made from tough cotton rope
Large, sturdy knot
Firm grip with unique rope texture
Play games like fetch, toss or tug

Materials: natural rubber (vinyl), cotton

Mint flavor
Massages the gums
Cleans the teeth
Knob at the end of rope for comfortable hold
For tug-of-war, throw and fetch
Assorted color
Type: chew toys, vinyl toy, dog treat rubber ball toy, squeaky toys
Size: roll: 11cm, 7cm, 5cm
All of products can be done with OEM and ODM