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RCPPRV Prevent An Infection

For a wide range of bacterial infections and other respiratory diseases in racing pigeons and birds, it is a perfect solution. This oral treatment is effective in preventing and curing highly life threatening diseases such as Salmonellosis (Paratyphoid) and E-Coli. Its unique formula treats and protects pet birds and pigeons from severe infections. It supports birds in recovering faster and helps to regain strength due to its vitamin-rich formula. it is also useful in treating diarrhea and gastrointestinal infections.

Key Benefits
This powerful scientific formulation is effective in treating life-threatening infections in pigeons and birds.
it is highly beneficial for treating bacterial diseases.
This oral treatment prevents and cures respiratory tract infections found in birds.
It controls and prevents diseases such as Salmonellosis (Paratyphoid) and E-Coli.
Enriched with vitamins, it helps to speed up the recovery.
It is safe to treat racing pigeons, cage birds and raptors with minimum side effects.

Direction of use
Mix one heaped teaspoonful, which equals to 5 grams to 1 litre of drinking water.
• Administer for 5 to 7 days.
• Store it in a cool and dry place.
• Close the container tightly after use.
• Keep it away from children and other pet animals.
• Use it for birds only.
Each 100g contains:
• Amoxycillin 40 g
• Vit A 2000 I.U
• Vit B1 2 mg
• Vit B2 10 mg
• Vit B6 2 mg
• Vit B12 4.8 mg
• Vit C 20 mg
• Vit E 20 mg
• Vit K3 2 mg
• Niacin 20 mg
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