Gland gastritis cure

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Gland gastritis cure

Main ingredients: Codonopsis pilosula, dried ginger, licorice and atractylodes

Properties: brown-yellow solution

Indications: Avian infectious glandular gastritis, gizzard keratitis.

Necropsy symptoms:

1. The glandular stomach of sick chickens is swollen like a globular and milky white, and a gray-white grid-like appearance can be seen after careful observation;

The incision shows thickening and edema of the glandular stomach wall, acupressure can flow out serous fluid, swelling and thickening of the glandular stomach mucosa, swelling, bleeding, and ulcers of the nipples, and some nipples are fused and the boundaries are unclear.

2. The size is divided into groups, such as material stool, thin yellow feces, hook mouth, white legs, and swelling of crops.

3. Gastrointestinal hyperplasia, enlargement and relaxation.

4. Immune organs such as thymus, spleen and Bursa of Fabricius are severely atrophy.

5. The intestinal wall is thin, and the intestine has varying degrees of hemorrhagic inflammation.

Usage and dosage: 500ml mix drinking water use for 3-5 days continuously for free intake.

appropriate increase in severe cases or follow the doctor’s advice,

the preventive dosage is halved.

Layer prevention: 20-25 days old: use for 5 days continiously. At the same time prevent Mycoplasma synovial sac.

Treatment: 500ml mix with 150kg drinking water use for 4 days continuously.

Note: precipitation appears after long-term storage, use and shake before use

Specification: Each 1ml is equivalent to 1.18g of native medicine

Packing specification: 500ml/bottle*30bottles/piece

Storage: sealed and kept in a cool place.


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