AIV cure/Flu cure

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Varieties: Herbal Medicine

Pharmacodynamic Influential Factors: Animal Species

Packaging: 500g or 1000g /bag  or 500ml or 1000ml /bottle or OEM .

Productivity: 20000 bottles  and 20000bags per day 

Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

Certificate: GMP ISO


AIV cure (Flu cure)

composition: stiff silkworm, whole scorpion, centipede, toad crisp, coptis, angelica, forsythia, borneol, gypsum, gardenia, houttuynia, etc.
1) It is used for the treatment of intractable diseases such as chicken, duck, goose influenza, Newcastle disease, spreading branch, etc. It is manifested as depression, reduced feeding, difficulty breathing, swollen eyelids, purple crown and beard, yellowish white and green thin Stool; necropsy: digestive tract, pancreas hemorrhage, congestion, tracheal and throat hemorrhage, follicle congestion and necrosis, fallopian tube with viscous material.
2) It is used to solve the respiratory tract after vaccine immunization and the feed intake of fever after immunization is not up to standard.
3) It is used to treat the symptoms of decreased egg production, soft-shelled eggs, more abnormal eggs, and ruptured follicles in laying hens.
Usage and dosage: 500ml is used for 500 adult chickens, once a day, 500ml mix 150L drinking water within 4hours for 3-5days.

1. Are you GMP manufacture? Yes, we are GMP factory . and we have 14 product lines , and have passed oral ,powder , injection ,tablet and feed additive.

2. What kind of animals for? Cattle ,Fowl, Horse, Camel, Poultry, Chicken, Aquatic animals, Sheep, Pig, Pets and etc.

3. What is the grantee period? 24 months.

4. What is the MOQ ?1000 pieces.

5. What about the packing? ourself or OEM ODM

6. What is the delivery time?

after received the TT, about 25 days finish the order .

7. What is the payment?

T/T  L/C western union and so on . many countries are the products sold ? 

Our products are sold in Sudan、Ethiopia、 Arabia、 Egypt 、Pakistan 、Afghanistan 、south Africa、 mid-east and so on .

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