AKL cure

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AKL cure
Composition: Codonopsis, Astragalus, Licorice, Aconite, Dried Ginger, Cornus, Plantain, Gentian, Yinchen, Bupleurum, Gardenia, Salvia, Rhubarb, Angelica, White Peony.
The impression of Ankara was originally called “Inclusion Body Hepatitis”, but it was later named “Ankara Disease” because of an outbreak in Ankara, Pakistan. It is characterized by increased sudden deaths in chickens, severe anemia, jaundice, enlarged liver, spleen, and kidney, hemorrhage and necrosis. It can be seen that there are inclusion bodies in the liver, and the disease is also called “anemia syndrome”.
Clinical manifestations: The most acute one falls to the ground suddenly without obvious warning. Chronic: depression, chaotic feathers, nose throwing, rapid breathing, yellow and green loose stools, neurological symptoms, empty legs, some lethargy, discoloration of the fleshy beard.
Usage and dosage: 500g mixed 150kg feed per day for 3days.


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