2021 poultry breeding, the biggest variable is not the market, but feed……

In fact, now the poultry market recovery can also calculate. The price of many poultry products has reached the level of the same period in previous years, some have been higher even than the average price in previous years. But even so, many people are still not motivated to breed, that is because the price of feed has risen so sharply this year.

Breed meat wool chicken for instance, see the price of wool chicken only, now 4 more than a catty, be pretty good. If placed in previous years, this price farmer’s profit is very considerable. But this year, because of high feed prices, the cost of raising a kilo of chicken has reached 4 yuan.

According to statistical data, now 4.2 yuan about a jin of meat wool chicken, is almost the same as the cost, the profit margin is very low, the survival rate is not guaranteed, and even a small loss.

Therefore, next year’s poultry breeding, how much profit, largely depends on the trend of feed prices. The poultry market is likely to be fine if there are no surprises, but feed prices are different.

To analyze next year’s feed price trend, we need to start with a few key factors that have contributed to the spike in feed prices. Many people know that the direct cause of this year’s feed price increase is the rising cost of feed ingredients like corn and soybean meal, but that’s just one of the reasons.

In fact, this year’s corn is a bumper harvest, the national corn production is higher than last year. But why did prices go up when the corn crop was plentiful? There are three reasons.

First, corn imports have been affected. Due to the epidemic, the whole import and export business has been affected this year, and corn is no exception. As a result, the overall supply of corn is a little tight ahead of this year’s new crop.

Secondly, in the past year, our pig production has recovered very well, so the demand for feed is also very high. This further stimulated the corn, soybean and other feed production raw material price rise.

The third is artificial hoarding. In anticipation of rising corn prices, many traders are hoarding corn and waiting for prices to rise even higher, no doubt artificially driving up prices.

Above is this year feed price, corn price rising a few important factors. But in fact, feed prices are rising not only because of the impact of rising corn prices, but also a very important reason, that is “prohibition of resistance”.

Post time: Jul-27-2021