The difference between compound feed and premix feed

Farmers in the poultry to choose feed or is, according to the variety of poultry, the growth of the situation to choose. The selection method of the required body is as follows:

Compound feed is a kind of feed product with uniform and complete nutritional value according to the different varieties, growth stages and production levels of livestock, poultry and fish, the requirements of various nutrients and the physiological characteristics of digestion, which combines a variety of feed raw materials and added ingredients according to reasonable formula and prescribed processing technology. Is according to the formula by the special factory production of a kind of industrial commodity feed. Also called full price compound feed. This kind of feed is composed of feed additives, protein feed, mineral feed and energy feed. It has a complete set of nutrients. The product is standardized, serialized and standardized, and its use is specific. All kinds of livestock, poultry and other animals shall not be mixed; Different growth period, different production performance, the same animal compound feed can not be mixed.

It is made of energy feed, protein feed and mineral feed in accordance with a certain formula. This kind of feed can meet the needs of energy, protein, calcium, phosphorus, salt and other nutrients for livestock and poultry. However, nutritive and non-nutritive substances, such as synthetic amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, antioxidants, insecticide health agents, etc., are not added. This type of feed must be matched with a certain proportion of green coarse feed or additive feed to meet the nutritional needs of livestock and poultry. The nutritional value of this feed is much better than that of a single feed or a “make-do feed” (a mixture of several feeds and other ingredients that are crushed and mixed at will). He is suitable for our country’s current vast rural livestock and poultry raising level, is the township feed processing plant, professional production or their own production of a main feed type.

Post time: Sep-30-2020