Recommended medication procedure for broilers

1. 1-7days old: cold cure : 0.2ml/pc for first drinking . use for 3-5 days continuously

   1-5 days old :proventriculitis cure : 500g mix 100 kg feed. Use for 5 days continuously.

Prevention and treatment: Improve body resistance, adenomyosis gastritis, relieve immune suppression, and ensure the uniformity of chickens.

2. 7-14 days old: 500ml mix 150Liter drinking water for Ground breeding to prevent coccidia. Use for 3 days   continuously.

   10-15 days old:  Gland gastritis cure oral liquid: 500ml mix 200kg drinking water  to Prevent glandular gastritis.

3. 15-21 days old:cough cure Oral Liquid prevents respiratory diseases and blockage of the lungs and tubes. Use for      3 days continuously.

   18 days old Prefect Liver and spleen oral liquid : 500ml mix 300kg drinking water  use for 3 days continuously.

   Objective: To prevent the formation of urate and accelerate the excretion of drug residues to ensure normal kidney       metabolism. At the same time prevent and control hepatosplenomegaly and hemorrhage.

4.  21days old: fever cure: 500ml mix 200kg drinking water use for 3 days continuously after being immunized against     Newcastle Disease.

    Purpose: To increase the titers of Newcastle Disease II antibodies and reduce the body’s stress caused by the vaccine.

5.  25-32 days old :IBD /IB/ND cure oral liquid, 500ml mix 300 kg  drinking water use for 4 days continuously .

To solve the mixed infection of diseases and respiratory tract caused by the failure of early medication and prevention measures.

6.  30 days old to the slaughter,Watery stool cure : 500ml mix 250kg drinking water, drinking finished within 4 hours

Treatment and prevention of watery diarrhea, enteritis and other problems caused by E. coli

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