six in one for pigeon

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six in one for pigeon

Each capsule contains
Sulfachloropyrazine sodium 30mg
Ofloxacin hydrochloride 5mg
Tinidazole 15mg
Indications: virus infection, bacterial infection, chlamydia infection, coccidium infection, trichomonad infection, gastrointestinal and respiratory disease, mixed infections, respiratory symptoms (bring up phlegm, expiratory dyspnea), gastrointestinal symptoms (vomit, diarrhea,crop disease- indigestion overeat), ornithosis and combined symptoms.
Usage&Dosage: For prevention, 1 piece, 1-2days
For treatment,1-2pieces,3-5days continually
Consecutively used for 2 days before pairing and race;
1-2days after young pigeons out of the nest;
1time per week during multi clearance period; Consecutively used for 3-5 days for unclear and mixture infection treatment.
Storage: keep in dry and cool place

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