Watery stool cure

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Watery stool cure

Main ingredients: Andrographis paniculata, poplar flower, eucommia leaves, oregano, persimmon peel, pomegranate peel, etc.

Functions and indications: Broiler: It has special effects for the later stage of water discharge and feeding stagnation without increasing, and effective prevention of three inflammations.

Layer: It is used to treat salpingitis such as yolk peritonitis, sand-shell eggs, blood-preserved eggs, soft-shell eggs, etc. in laying hens.


Broiler: 500ml mix 250kg drinking water, finish within 4 hours, use for 4 days coutinously.

Layer: 500ml use for 1500 adult chickens , finish within 4 hours. use for 4 days continuously.

Treatment of yolk peritonitis: 500ml use for 1000 chickens,finish within 4 hours. Use for 4 days continuously

Packing : 500ml/bottle*30bottles/carton

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