IBD /IB/ND cure

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IBD /IB/ND cure
Composition: Forsythia, honeysuckle, scutellaria, frosted mulberry leaves, bitter almonds, chrysanthemum, epiphyllum, plantain, silk, angelica, yam, hawthorn, divine song, malt, barley, gardenia, gentian, kudzu root, Licorice, Bupleurum, etc.

Indication: Broilers are 25-32 days old, with clinical symptoms such as cough, fever, vomiting, anorexia, liver and kidney enlargement.
Laying hens have symptoms such as decreased egg production rate, cough, fever, white eggshell, yellow, white and green loose stools. It is best when a single flock has not caused high casualties.

Usage and dosage: 500ml mixed 400-500L drinking water within 4 hours for 3-5 days continuously.

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